Axcell 650

2010 Axcell Airlift 650 (complete refit 2022) Power Cat – 65ft

1979 Bruce Roberts Offshore 45ft

2014 Lurssen Custom

2014 Lurssen Custom KISMET 312ft

157 Palmer Johnson 1983

157’ Palmer Johnson 1983

Axcell 650

2004 Oceanfast Full Displacement 4 Roses 185ft

image 23

About Us

35 Yacht Sales is uniquely positioned in the yachting world. We have an unrivaled competence in technical boat systems, and web-based marketing systems, that few firms can match. Working with the right yacht broker, gives you the advantage of having someone on the inside of the industry, working for your best interests.

And having the peace of mind that when it comes time to do the closing process, all the specific and important steps are performed with professionalism, and meticulousness.

Because of our foundation as an engineering firm first, we are uniquely positioned to use the fundamental principles of engineering, to ensure that all of the very delicate and important parts of a yacht sales transaction, are completed impeccably by design.

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