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How to specify the ONLY thing that matters in pursuit of your yachting dreams.

The academic literature on the psychology of the yachting industry is unusually clear: our desired outcome is not the yacht itself, but the feeling that the yacht produces. Researchers agree, that whether we know it or not, we sailors are all ultimately pursuing a feeling.

At 35 Yacht Sales, we are leading innovation within the yachting industry by applying the discipline of engineering to “feelings”. This process is not simple, just as feelings are rarely simple. As we walk clients through our specific process, it is more efficient and yields more rewarding results for our customers than if we only focused on the specifics of budgets, timelines, and goals. 35 Yacht Sales has made a significant investment into the family psychology of yacht ownership, and we only hire broker consultants that are themselves successfully living the yachting lifestyle.

Our broker/ consultant training includes extensive education and technology on personality types, relationship dynamics and emotional intelligence. We focus on the men of the sea that were successful before us and we model our advice after success stories that have been proven.

One such success story is that of the ancient Hawaiian people. The ancient Polynesians could be the original old men of the sea. They are famous for sailing from Tahiti to Hawaii some 2,300 nautical miles of open ocean on Hokulea “voyaging canoe” before the western world “discovered” that the Earth was not flat. This is WAY before the invention of the sextant or modern, science-based, navigation techniques, like GPS. To give an example of their impressive accuracy, the dimensions of an ancient Hokulea almost identically match those of a modern sailing catamaran, but perhaps the most incredible thing about these ancient mariners is that they accomplished the feat by relying upon their connection to nature. Or more specifically, their feeling response to their educated and respectful connection to nature.  This connection to creation is at the center of 35 Yacht Sales’ system of developing your successful yachting lifestyle. 

35 Yacht Sales looks forward to partnering with you to see how focusing on the way you will feel in yacht ownership can ensure your SUCCESS on the water.

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