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Corporate yacht or charter
business formation

Drawing on our background of experience and accomplishment in the field, 35 Yacht Sales will help you set up an effective and efficient charter business around your yacht.

Our customers are successful in paying for their yacht when they are not using it…  you can do this too, and more:  some of our corporations even have year on year positive cash flow!

We can also assist you in using your yacht on a tax advantaged basis, so that even if you're not going to put it into charter in a majority sense, you still are getting the greatest benefits towards your financial bottom line.

Ownership Consulting

Ownership consulting is where we teach how to get the best slip, enroll the finest crew, and attract the maintenance professionals with the best track record and value.  If you're buying a large enough yacht, you'll need a whole family of help, to cater to your every need.  Our team is equipped to help you set up the most efficient yacht team possible.

35 Yacht Sales Service 2

Supported Self-Brokering Acceleration

We will teach and support you while you do the leg work of selling your Yacht yourself.  35 Yacht Sales has a unique offer within the brokering industry:  we will turn you into a yacht broker for your yacht and support you and guide your acceleration into industry leading professionalism on your first sale… you will receive detailed and proven training on how to list a yacht professionally and *effectively*.  Training will include how to take pictures and write an attractive description of your yacht, we will then list your yacht with you (with you as the lead broker) on our extensive network of social media, web, MLS, yachtworld, etc….

Your training doesn’t stop with the listing process:  We continue the training on personality types and 35 Yacht Sales proprietary technology surrounding the sales process.  Personality types, how to characterize the personality you are engaging with quickly and how to speak to each person so that they feel understood and taken care of.  How to show a vessel for each and every beautiful personality combination you encounter.  …and so much more.

Once a buyer has committed to purchase the vessel, 35 Yacht Sales will then provide you all of our professional support during the negotiation and closing process.  ….and you will receive half of the commissions for selling your yacht, just as if you were one of our professional yacht consultants.

This “self-supported-broker” method of yacht brokering is revolutionizing the industry….   You save a tremendous amount in broker’s fees and you stay closer to the transaction process…   all while learning a new skill…

….and if you enjoy the work of brokering yachts, we’ll speak about what it looks like to bring you into our team family and you can join us in our mission to raise the tide of yachting: world-wide!

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