Jason started off as a fisheries biologist on the notorious waters of the Bering Sea, learning a deep respect for the power of the ocean and the American fishing industry. He then spent several years as a wildlife guide in Southeast Alaska- again living on a large vessel full time. 

Jason has had unforgettable encounters with wild animals on both land and sea.  As a professional scuba diver, he learned that following the beauty of nature enriches his life and the lives of others.  As such, he works tirelessly to ensure that his clients experience all that nature has to offer in a marine environment.  

Currently Jason resides in Seattle. A man of many talents, Jason, works as a yacht broker, a boat captain and as a consultant in sustainable energy. In his free time Jason enjoys mentoring young kids in athletics, spending time outdoors, and taking care of beautiful yachts.

Jason’s experience includes exterior maintenance/ operations manager (aka bosun) aboard a 60m super-yacht owned by a Forbes top 50 client.  He ensured the successful operation of this 60 meter yacht up and down the entire west coast of North America.  Let Jason’s accomplishments in harsh-environment asset-protection and professional captain background guide your next yacht charter, purchase or sale.

Jason Maruszak


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